Martin Luther King et l’homme blanc Hegel


Plus que Gandhi, c’est l’étude de la dialectique de Hegel qui aurait inspiré Martin Luther King dans sa marche pour la liberté!

Although the course was mainly a study of Hegel’s monumental work, Phenomenology of Mind, I spent my spare time reading his Philosophy of History and Philosophy of Right. There were points in Hegel’s philosophy that I strongly disagreed with. For instance, his absolute idealism was rationally unsound to me because it tended to swallow up the many in the one. But there were other aspects of his thinking that I found stimulating. His contention that “truth is the whole” led me to a philosophical method of rational coherence. His analysis of the dialectical process, in spite of its shortcomings, helped me to see that growth comes through struggle.

Ainsi, selon Nolan Gertz «Dr. King not only fought White America, but he did so by turning the ideas of dead white men against the oppressive practices of living white men.»


Le système de Hegel schématisé par Martin Luther King


How Martin Luther King, Jr. Used Hegel, Kant & Nietzsche to Overturn Segregation in America

Martin Luther King and Continental Philosophy



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